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What are we?

MouthLondon Logo 2014 NewMouthLondon is a site for student Londoners. From Freshers to post-graduates, we aim to get the student opinion out to the masses. Our contributors review new film releases, London’s vibrant arts scene and anything else we can create a discussion about. If it’s not worth talking about, you won’t see it on the site.


Who are we?

MouthLondon is run by a team of devoted graduate journalists. We are experts in our fields and run our sections with a friendly, but firm touch. We want the best for our contributors, and sometimes that means teaching them the difference between there and their.


Our goal

The opportunities out there are shrinking, but if you contribute to our site you meet new press contacts, explore your creativity and create an online portfolio of your work. The more you do the more likely it is someone will hear/read what you have to say.


Write for us

If you want to contribute to the site then drop us an email here explaining what you are interested in. Previous experience or articles would be welcome, but not necessary.