Avery Tillmon is an American artist whose exceptional talent has enabled him to spend his life creating art. Tillmon studied sculpture at university and during his expansive career, he has worked as: a teacher, designer, sculptor, painter and an illustrator. He approaches his illustrations and paintings as if they were shallow sculptures, building detail and taking it away to achieve his desired effect. Tillman’s work has a vintage feel, and often features old-fashioned stamp effects. He draws on retro fashion and nature imagery for inspiration.

His Empire Skyline piece almost looks like a fading, black and white photograph, but on closer inspection it is composed of newspaper prints and illustrations. It gives a wide view of the New York skyline but it isn’t too imposing, thanks to the muted colours used and the blurred, almost shadowy buildings in the background.

AveryTillmonThe piece below is called Serendipity and in contrast to Empire Skyline, it features patterns and prints, such as leaves and mosaics. The autumnal palette consisting of olive green, brown, rust and tan, is calming and understated. An array of techniques has been used to create the chequerboard -style image, which makes it one of those pieces you can look at again and again and still find something new to admire.

…he can also use colour to great effect…

2Although Tillmon’s work is characteristically muted by subdued, earthy colours, but he can also use colour to great effect. The red and blue of his Union Jack are of a subtler shade than normally seen on the flag, which give the piece a rustic feel. The wooden panel effect brings to mind old barns and homely spaces, but the bold use of colour and stripes stop it from blending into the background.

Avery Tillmon’s work is available as authentic paintings but has also been featured on art items. For example, his work has been featured on murals available by Photowall. Avery Tillmon’s work has been characterised by a vintage feel with most of his work featuring undertones of greys. His work is perfect for a home with a vintage personality and is recommended to anyone with a taste for old fashioned nostalgic images.

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