Fathers and friends, brothers and sisters, neighbours, lovers and mothers; so many objects and forms of love and Elly Maud has to learn about them all. There is Love, and there is being in love, and then there is God.

We meet Elly as a four year-old girl, who gives a humorous, straight-faced and candid view of life as a child growing up. She hears but does not always understand. We are faced with ourselves as a child, in the words on the pages – a naive outlook that one can appreciate.

Through her learning curve of youth, Elly turns to God to help her cope.

God is a rabbit.

…quick paced and compelling…

Winman juxtaposes the complexity of life and love in particular against the simplicity of childhood through the events that Elly experiences, with an astute use of language.

This inquisitive and quirky read successfully combines the juvenile with the mature. It’s quick paced and compelling because of the impressions and deftness highlighted through the simplicity of youth.

One cannot help but be intrigued by the thoughts of a loveable and memorable character: Eleanor Maud and her pet ‘God’.

When God was a Rabbit is published by Headline and is available for £12.99

4 1/2 Stars


Image courtesy of Headline Publishing

About The Author

Jessica is currently a Third Year student at Royal Holloway University, studying English and Creative Writing. She also hosts a breakfast show on Insanityradio every Tuesday morning 8-10. Jessica is a professional actress, keen novelist and script writer, who also writes a lot of critical reviews on literature and the Arts.

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  1. Lawrence Lacy

    Nice review that cuts to the chase and gives me an incentive to at least take a look at the book.

    Normally wouldn’t have given such a book it a second glance, but won’t pass over it now.

    As my American girlfriend says, “Good Job”.




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