I wrote a while back about the aesthetics of London and the value of looking at your home city through the lens of someone who’s never visited the city, and has made assumptions about its character and atmosphere.

Hearing what they have to say after spending a few days in your city can be thought-provoking – it certainly was for me. However a visit of a few days doesn’t allow you to get to the real heart of the city, something Culture Label is dedicated to accomplishing.

The new international website that launched on 1st August aims to uncover hidden gems and secret corners of cities in terms of design, art, graphics and culture, thus bringing the ‘real’ city to an internet viewer. Culture ambassadors curate undiscovered talent before unveiling them to the website’s audience, so you know upon visiting that everyone has been assessed, approved and an authentic product of that city. 

…two of the world’s top cultural destinations…

Culture Label has chosen to start with London and New York, multi-faceted cities with great reputations for being two of the world’s top cultural destinations. The fact that a New Yorker can get to known London as intimately as their own city is exciting and aims to break down the stereotypical associations surrounding these beautiful cities.

Perhaps even more thrilling than this is the opportunity to know your own city in a way you hadn’t before; think of all the secret corners and undiscovered cultural hubs that are hiding away in these cities populated by several million people. What’s more is that the site offers not only a local’s view on the art and culture of the city, there’s also some online shopping to be had. Suddenly, the Atlantic doesn’t seem so big.

Head over to Culture Label’s website and explore!

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