A Conversation with James Wallace: Artist, Poet and recently Published Author of this feather

When I first arranged an interview with James Wallace, I proposed a formal “7pm on Trafalgar Square”, adding, “by the lion looking West”, to be more precise and original. Despite accepting the offer at first, James soon informed me that he was busy and asked to change the plan. “7am by the lion facing east”, I joked rather plainly, just to give myself a bit of extra time to reschedule the meeting, but received a short “OK” in response. With no space for retreat, I hurried through the damp morning fog…

Full content available in the Spring 2011 Issue…

About The Author

I am a multimedia reporter and visual artist. With an academic background in journalism, media and photography, I work across a wide range of creative platforms. Brought up in Latvia, I have spent two years studying in Bristol, before relocating to London.

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