Offering everything from rooftop cinemas to art in multi-level car parks, Peckham has that something special that will resonate with the exploratory and the alternative art and culture lover. Peckham is a very dynamic area of London that has earned its places as a permanent fixture on London’s art and culture maps since the early 2000s. It has come a long way since then and today; it attracts hoards of trendy crowds of arts and culture enthusiasts.

In this article we explore the area a little by taking you through some of the area’s highlights that have contributed to its thriving art scene that’s evident today. Whether you’re an art lover who has been to the opera in Rome and explored the Renaissance art in Florence or a complete novice who has an appreciation for the diversity of art and culture, you’re sure to enjoy the following fixtures of Peckham’s art scene:


Hannah Barry Gallery

Hannah Barry has been a prominent feature of the art scene in Peckham for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until November 2013 that her permanent gallery space officially opened in the refurbished meatpacking factory that’s located on Elm Grove. Presenting a three-part performance piece by Tom Barnett (titled The Beautiful Game), it has been drawing crowds of art lovers to the area since its opening.

Where? Hannah Barry Gallery, 4 Holly Grove, London


Peckham Platform

Having recently launched in January 2014, the Peckham Platform took over the detached gallery on the library forecourt that was previously recognised as Peckham Space. Founded by its director, Emily Druiff, the goal of the gallery is to support local artists and the community in building a positive and cultural experience in a bid to create a “meaningful and accessible social arts practice for Peckham and beyond.”

Where? Peckham Platform, 89 Peckham High Street, London


South London GallerySouth London Gallery

The South London Gallery, which is located further down Peckham Road, has somewhat of an established presence in the area. Despite being in existence since 1981, the art that’s on display in this famed gallery is not in anyways traditional or uninteresting. In fact, it has become well known for its innovative exhibitions, installations, live art and film events. 2010 saw the building go under renovation and it now allows for a programme of annual artist residencies as well as a quaint little café.

Where? South London Gallery, 65-67 Peckham Rd, London


CLF Art Café

Situated in the Bussey Building at Copeland Industrial Park, CLF Art Café is just one of the many arts-based events and companies that are housed here. It is a multi-purpose café, performance space and art gallery and its writer festivals, Friday and Saturday special evening events and opera performances has ensured its spot as one of the top meeting points in Peckham, and all of London, for art lovers.

Where? CLF Art Café, 133 Rye Ln, London


As well as the above, establishments such as the Peckham Liberal Club, Asylum, Minty Art, the Camberwell College of Arts and the No. 67 Cafe & Restaurant have all contributed to the progression of Peckham becoming one of the most happening places in all of London.

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