The proliferation of blogging and social media is allowing for the emergence of a new lightweight alternative to the likes of Art Review and Texte Zur Kunst. There is a wide range of new art-focused blogs, with content ranging from Heat-esque bitchiness to extensive listings guides. Here are a few of the best, suitable for the occasional private viewer to the would-be museum professional.

Will Gompertz BBC Arts Editor

The BBC’s first ever arts editor presents a wide sweep of arts news. This is fairly trivial stuff with Gompertz namedropping culture secretaries and senior members of the Arts Council, but his previous position at the Tate means he has an insider view of the museum industry and plenty of friends in high places to dissect. He provides a friendly, lightweight introduction to the major debates swirling around the art world and is evidently qualified to do so. You’ll also see him on TV – look out for the guy with big glasses, a toothy grin and a frightening hairstyle.

…the blog simply acts as a testament of what it is like to be a super-collector in the 21st century.

Anita’s Art Diary

The collector Anita Zabludowicz maintains a glamorous and, at times, humorous blog of her gallery escapades – filled with painful spelling mistakes and punctuated with pictures of her friends hanging out with art world celebrities. Not sure how they’d feel about Anita’s occasional “OMG” or captions such as: “One had to hustle for an invite to one of the mega mega humongous boat parties and had a lovely time with my family and friends mainly artists, collectors, writers and musicians.” It sounds like a joke but it isn’t – her project space in Chalk Farm is actually rather good and the blog simply acts as a testament of what it is like to be a super-collector in the 21st century.

Cathedral of Shit

The Private Eye of the art world offers up bile and cynicism aplenty. Written anonymously from its Hackney headquarters, the blog dishes out rumours and scandals revolving around collectors, gallerists and artists, some of whom become repeat targets. Their top fives are particularly acerbic; “Top five artists whose work makes us feel something varying between nausea, disbelief and horror” and “Top 5 stupidest people in the art world”, of which the aforementioned “Anita Zabluwhatever” is number one.

Who fancies seeing Michael Stipe posing on yachts at the Venice Biennale?

Art Rabbit

One of the best listing sites on the net with a hugely extensive guide that covers shows at small commercial galleries in addition to blockbuster exhibitions. The ability to “favourite” and comment on shows forms an interesting counterpart to the gallery press releases that are displayed simultaneously. Intense discussion often arises, although fortunately not on the annoying level you get on Youtube. Charts of must-sees and private view dates ensure there is something here for everyone.

Scene and Herd

One of the first and best of the art blogs, Artforum’s column achieves the perfect combination of sustained thought and quality journalism, with photos of art world celebrities. Who fancies seeing Michael Stipe posing on yachts at the Venice Biennale?  Any website that features Elton John partying with the scary and bearded Mike Nelson, the creator of expertly unsettling installations, is worth a look.

Image courtesy of Alexander Baxevanis


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