Among all the hit musicals of London, Wicked is definitely the greenest. With some fantastic numbers, stunning costumes and talented actors, it’s no surprise that it is such a success. In the words of the Wizard “wonderful, they called me wonderful” and indeed I do.

It follows the behind the scenes story of The Wizard of Oz, showing us what the good witch of the North (Glinda), and the wicked witches of the East and West (Nessa Rose and Elpheba) were really like. Starting with their school years it explains all that happens from a different perspective, up until the time of the witches’ demise.

…every song gave me goose bumps…

Louise Dearman as Glinda was sublime. I pride myself on being critical, but could find no faults in her high notes. Her skill was superb and every song gave me goose bumps. Her attitude suited the character perfectly, giving us the right mix of bubbles and a faint hint of excessive perkiness.

The same can be said of Rachel Tucker’s voice. Elpheba and Glinda’s harmony truly gave the impression that they were best friends. They fit together so perfectly, even during their times of conflict. Tucker took a character we have been taught to ostracise since infancy and made her into a sympathetic martyr. Her beauty and goodness shone through.

…stage directions to rival Shakespeare…

Mark Evans, in the role of the Fiyero, had some stage directions to rival Shakespeare’s “exit, pursued by a bear”. He utilised these to the full comedic effect. Evans’s and Tucker’s chemistry was real and ever present, whether full of angst or admiration.

The wizard, played by Clive Carter brought a tremendous energy, making his character the same fraud as the original film, but with a certain exuberance and childlike view of the world.

All in all, a great story with excellent scores and ably performed by cast and crew.

Wicked is currently showing at Apollo Victoria Theatre.

Arts_4_5 Stars4.5 Stars

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