With the Olympics round the corner it’s difficult to not know about what’s going on in London. With various cultural events happening all over the city in the run up to the grand ceremony, and the Olympic torch steadily making its way around the country, everyone is talking about the event which will literally halt London and its people. But if you ask most Londoners they know a lot about the athletes and press coverage, but lack a serious view on the funding that goes behind putting on something this large and momentous.

Interestingly, the Olympics get a large portion of its funding from the Lottery. With the money, the Lottery funds the facilities, infrastructure and services necessary or expedient, for the games to take place. From the inception of receiving the funds (£1.835 million) the fund has granted money towards the Olympic Delivery Authority for the buildings and infrastructure for the Games; to LOCOG, for the Cultural Olympiad and the national network of Live Sites Screens; and to the East London Business Alliance for three community projects: Represent London, Transformers and In the Parks which are based in five of the Host 2012 boroughs.

…various projects all over the UK…

In the event corner the money is being used to fund the World Shakespeare Festival, River of Music, Film Nation (commissioning shorts), Discovering Places (various projects all over the UK) and the Unlimited project (outdoor art commissions across east London).

With so much emphasis being pushed on the games itself we sometimes forget the other great things going on, who puts them on and where the money is coming from. Check out the projects happening locally and if you’re not in London don’t fret as the cultural Olympiad is being celebrated all over.



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