5 Guys ChillinWhen visiting my grandmother I am often surprised at what topics of conversation will be brought up. Usually it’s a combination of world affairs and the daily life of her Labrador. However, a few weeks ago, after a lovely cup of tea, my grandma turned to me and asked my opinion on Chemsex.

For those not in the know Chemsex as defined by the Cambridge dictionary as ‘the use of drugs, often illegal ones, to increase pleasure during sex’. As I debated why someone would partake in this act with my grandmother I was reminded of the review of 5 Guys Chillin’ I had read that week.

Luckily for Londoners (and anyone else happy to travel to the fair capital) 5 Guys Chillin’ has returned to The Kings Head Theatre after being at Brighton Fringe in 2015 and running two previous sold-out runs.

…an original look into the drug fuelled, hedonistic, highly secretive world of Chem-Sex…

The story revolves around a group of gay men who all participate in a ‘chill-out’. It’s an original look into the drug fuelled, hedonistic, highly secretive world of Chem-Sex, Grindr and instant gratification.

The play is taken from over 50 hours of interviews with guys found through Grindr and other social media, which creates an important view into the relatively new scene that social media apps have been fundamental in creating.

So if you feel like entering a new world that perhaps you are unaware of… check out 5 Guys Chillin’. You won’t be disappointed!

5 Guys Chillin’s is showing at King’s Head Theatre from the 5 – 27 February

King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper street, N1 1QN

5th – 27th February Thursday – Saturday 9.50pm Sunday 5.00pm Monday 7.00pm Previews: 5th February all tickets £10 6th-8th February all tickets £14 Tickets £15 – £18

Box Office: 020 7226 8561

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