The last few days for me have been a journey into the diversity of ways that art can be shown and performed, and how little is needed for a successful art event. This Thursday’s art events continued this theme. Jonny Woo’s performance at Richard Saltoun proved that all you need is: a brilliant performer, a dark room, a ladder or chair to serve as a stage, a torch instead of a spotlight, and of course a very eager audience.

The Jonny Woo performance was absolutely miraculous, funny, transforming and witty, and proved that travesty divas posses some secret knowledge of how to move in ridiculously high heels (I can only sit in mine without toppling over). I strongly encourage everyone to keep an eye out for any further performances of Jonny Woo and to see the Transformers show at Richard Saltoun before it closes on the 28th of February.

…a dodgy warehouse in the middle of nowhere…

The second event of the evening was POLYply – a poetry reading in a place I have never been before. But if gallivanting around London’s private views have taught me anything it is this: if you are thinking ‘where the hell am I?’ that means you are close to the venue. In this case the venue turned out to be the Centre for Creative Collaboration rather than a dodgy warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

I have a soft spot for poetry, especially contemporary poetry as it usually helps destroy the stereotypes that all poetry is either Shakespearean or Beat Generation. The POLYply evening confirmed that all you need to keep the audience happy is a dark room with a spotlight, free wine and a well-chosen group of poets. I definitely recommend everyone interested in poetry to keep an eye out for their future events.

 All in all another successful and eventful Thursday evening!

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My name is Jenny Judova I run Art Map London ( a listing website for art events. And I am finishing up my masters dissertation on a 14th century English Psalter.

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