Today was the First Thursday of the Month  – that day when the East of London, as well as other areas, is busy with private views and late night openings. This month I did something I haven’t done in ages – I actually stayed in the East.

I started off at IMT (Image Music Text) gallery at around 6:30pm. The gallery is small but uses its space wisely and its shows are usually meticulously curated. It is also one of the few galleries in London that is dedicated to showing new media art and for that alone I like them.

The current show Shaken From the Sky is curated by NoaKo TakaKashi and consists mostly of installations and prints. One of the Installations  ‘De-Missing the Page(s) of The Agencies of Knowing the Unspoken’ (2014) shows random things found in most living rooms: floor lamp, glass with wine, paper, all suspended in the air. It is worth stopping by the gallery just to see how a few objects and a fishing line can create a scene out of Inception or Matrix.

…squeeze in as many seemingly randomly picked artists as possible…

Espacio GalleryNext on my list was Graffiti Life Gallery, just off Brick Lane, however on my way there I stopped by Espacio Gallery. I visited Espacio a while back and it looked like a bric-a-brac shop – a completely uncurated space trying to squeeze in as many seemingly randomly picked artists as possible. But that was a long time ago and since then a critic I trust wrote a good review on them and I thought I’d check if they have changed, but they haven’t. It is still a gallery that is trying to squeeze in as many artists’ works as possible by throwing them onto the wall and then picking a generic title and calling it a show. It could have been okay if the works complimented each other but they rarely do.

After Espacio, Graffiti Life was a breath of fresh air – it offered a curated show of street art. The show is titled Superheroes and if you are looking for a belated Mothers Day present the exhibition shows some affordable pieces featuring Wonder Woman.

…‘Japanese bondage for inanimate objects’…

SO galleryFrom Graffiti Life I headed to Gallery SO that had amazing art jewellery on display by the master goldsmith Kimiaki Kageyama. Usually I am not a huge fan of floral motifs but Kimiaki’s work is something else: the juxtaposition of dark metals with pearls combined with floral shapes creates beautiful results. In their second space they were still showing Hans Stofer’s String Theory, which they should probably rename ‘Japanese bondage for inanimate objects’. If you still haven’t been to Gallery SO this is the time to do so, as it’s currently offering two great shows.

In two-and-a-half hours I saw a strong highbrow show, a space with loads of works and no exhibition, and three great exhibitions in two Brick Lane galleries. In other words, April’s First Thursday was another brilliant event! 

For more information on exhibitions and art events happening in London visit Art Map London

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