A Flash of Light: The Dance Photography of Chris Nash is now on display at the V&A Museum. Black and white prints hang on the wall in the midst of other powerful photographs, which burst with vibrant colours, all experimenting with the manipulation of the human form.

The dancers’ bodies are shown in theatrical and, at times, humorous ways. Some of the comical photographs, for example Teresa Cholmondeley are the most successful and reveal the artist’s creativity. Nash’s experimentation with all aspects of photography is clear throughout each print and the juxtaposition of a classical sculpture and the human body in one of the prints is particularly gripping. In an exhibition that explodes with such a fresh and contemporary feel, it is fascinating to see the influences from the historical past merging with new, innovative ideas.

The addition of a short yet informative film compliments the exhibition and gives a compelling insight into the process and development of Nash’s Dance Photography. All in all, the exhibition effectively displays the diversity of the human form in modern dance today.

The exhibition runs until the 29th August 2011

Admission is free

4 Stars


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