Trainers, sneakers, whatever you call them, lately they’ve been taking fashion by storm, uniting fashion editors and high-street lovers in thanks to the fashion Gods.

Kegler AnniversaryFinally, something comfortable to wear around town and, it seems, to every event imaginable, that’s easily customisable and comes in a range of shapes, sizes and designs! It’s a blessing that hasn’t passed unnoticed, especially when the July heat has made our feet swell uncomfortably by midday.

Now is the perfect time to celebrate the humble trainer, a wardrobe staple Adidas knows all about. Their #Spezial exhibition showcases a rare collection of over six hundred trainers, with many signed by celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Eminem and Noel Gallagher. The role of the trainer on fashion cults and trends is explored, with vintage pieces alongside collector’s items.

not staring at one of the unique pairs of trainers would be rude…

Ripe for perusal, #Spezial showcases the range of design and intricate details that go into making an item as deceptively simple as the trainer. In this exhibition not staring at one of the unique pairs of trainers would be rude. Sure to have sneaker aficionados salivating and the rest of us rubbing our sore feet, this exhibition is sure to get your heart racing, one way or another.

Adidas #Spezial is on at the Hoxton Gallery, Shoreditch until 27 July.

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