With the increase of gadgets that children get and the ability to download any movie with the touch of a button, I find a trip to the theatre to be nostalgic and something of a treat. I used to go and see a pantomime every year with my parents and have some very fond memories. Therefore, maybe it was the child in me, but the Lyric’s Aladdin was absolutely amazing.

The show had everything you should get at a pantomime: sweets thrown into the audience, audience participation, songs and lots of shouting at various characters. Add to this the beautiful theatre that is the Lyric and you’re onto a sure fire winner.

…probably the funniest time montage scene I have ever seen…

The basic storyline followed Aladdin (Hammad Animashaun), his brother Wishy Washy (Steven Webb) and mother Widow Twankey (Shaun Prendergast) caught up in a scheme to take over the kingdom of Ham-mer-smit by the evil Abanazer (Simon Kunz) who is searching for the genie of the magic lamp (Nigel Betts). On top of this, the amazing Ringo (Sophia Nomvete) who was a slave to Abanazer and princess Karen (Dominique Moore) who has to get married or forfeit the kingdom.

With a cockney twist, modern day songs, a flying carpet that flies over the audience and probably the funniest time montage I have ever seen on stage, the show blew my expectations out of the water.

…certain characters steal the show…

If you’re looking for a pantomime to take children to, then I recommend this one (and there are even a few adult jokes in there for the parents). My only criticism would be that certain characters steal the show, namely Wishy Washy (the blue monkey) and Ringo, the slave of the Abanazer’s ring.

Since seeing this show I have praised the revival of Pantomimes and will definitely be making them a recurring event each Christmas to come.

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