Heading down to the Hayward Gallery and within it’s bright rooms lies an exhibition that will literally change your perception of art. Art Of Change – New Directions From China has arrived in London and explores not only the contemporary installations and performance art that China has to offer, but highlights the themes of transformation and instability that are occurring within the eastern nation.

The exhibition is a slow walk through various different mediums. A woman frozen mid fall, a room with thousands of silk worms in (so you can hear their noise), a dark forest where a woman hums and a tiger in a narrow cage; these are what await you in this maze of delights.



The exhibition is built around an idea of wonder and I found myself interested and intrigued by some of the performances on show.

It is an absorbing exhibition and one that can only be explained by going to see it. Honestly some of the things I saw still baffles me and this just shows that China is pulling out all the stops in performance art.

4.5 Stars

The exhibition is open until the 9 December.

Tickets: £10, Concessions are available.

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