“Receive, feel, embody.”

These three words sum up the core of this exhibition very well. Modern art usually lets the viewers create their own interpretation without imposing strict limitations. In Biopic, the art pieces invite the viewer to receive what they represent. Then, they make you feel what the artist would like to convey. You can spontaneously come up with a personal interpretation and might find a part of yourself in the art piece. Therefore, each one can be considered as original in its own way for each viewer.

In Biopic, the works by Gabriel Acevedo Velarde, Miguel Aguirre, Philip Newcombe and Harold Offeh are exhibited. Miguel Aguirre’s representation of Sophie Scholl, Aldo Moro and Abimael Guzmán welcome you at the beginning. The oil on paper works seem quite alive and are successful in conveying the feelings of the persona. Since the works are the close-ups of the faces, the expressions are significant and I think the artist partially lets us read the mind of the person through their expression.


…His expression, especially his eyes, seems to be trying to tell you his pain…

Harold Offeh’s digital video, ‘Covers: After The Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street, 1972 (3 Balls b/w video) 2013’, which shows him with three balls is one of the most influencing pieces in the exhibition because it makes you empathize with him. As you go on watching and time passes, the viewer can feel how difficult holding the balls becomes for him. His expression, especially his eyes, seems to be trying to tell you his pain.

Gabriel Acevedo Velarde’s video, ‘Prehistoria’, narrates a story that is quite extraordinary. It begins with a plane crash and develops into an interesting and unusual tale. By using basic sketches and sounds, the artist creates a plot that is not simple but rather intensive. The use of the camera suits that ongoing action and the artist’s own way of narrating the story contributes to the work’s originality.

…they give you freedom to come up with your own opinion…

Biopic 2

Philip Newcombie’s ‘Planet Heavy Shit’, ‘Signal’ and ‘Big Love’ are the pieces that can convey really different emotions and ideas to each viewer. What you infer from these works or how you comment on them will vary from person to person. There is no right or wrong idea or interpretation about these works: they give you freedom to come up with your own opinion by presenting a different perspective. What I suggest is do not miss ‘Big Love’ since it may be hard to find at first sight.

Going into details may spoil the viewer’s journey during the exhibition since each viewer’s experience with the art work will be different and unique. If you are a willing modern art viewer, going to Biopic in Maria Stenfors Gallery will be a different and interesting experience: it gives you opportunity to share the artists’ memories by contributing with your own imagination. The pieces will give you freedom to infer various meanings and, in a way, they will also reveal your own creativity since, as it says at the beginning, this is a process of “receiving, feeling, embodying”.

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Exhibition dates: 15 November to the 21 December 2013

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