The multi-coloured flyer staring up at me from the pub table pictures a green alcohol bottle, an explosion of clear liquid, a man dancing in tights, and the word Drunk written over it. When a show has that kind of name you know you are in for a treat.

Drunk is a musical show that takes the audience on a tour through your typical drinks menu, starting with the happy hour and irremediably finishing with a hangover. However, this new production is all but ordinary. Musical numbers are given names such as Martini, Shots, Champagne and Cider, celebrating the virtues and flaws of man’s greatest vice, and the effects it has on people.

Directed and choreographed by Drew McOnie with music and lyrics by Grant Olding, the dance drama’s characters include Vodka, a faded Russian actress reminiscing the glamour of her youth; Absinthe, strong, green, making everyone ill; and Champagne, the world’s most famous sparkling wine, giving people hiccups. Beautifully portrayed by Gemma Sutton, the main character is Ice, a woman who, while waiting for her date to arrive, goes from seeming completely out of place to being full of liquid confidence.

…you will find yourself wishing you could be dancing on stage too…

Drunk production shotAlthough featuring some beautiful sad songs – ‘Scotch & Rum’, telling the love story of two soldiers, is sure to break your heart – the show’s strength is the contagious energy of the happy tunes. From Ice signing about breaking up with a man because he didn’t know how to dance the tango, to her final realisation, probably triggered by alcohol, that she wants to travel the world and live life to the fullest, you will find yourself wishing you could be dancing on stage too.

Adding to the feel good effect of the songs, the show takes at times the appearance of a comedy: the dances ‘G&T’ and ‘Break the Seal’ particularly made everyone laugh out loud, by parodying the ways of high society and representing how women feel when they have had a little too much alcohol.

From Shots to Cocktails, Cider to Fruit Punch, Drunk is an explosion of happiness. If all drinks were like this, I would never mind being hangover.

Arts_4_5 Stars4.5 stars

Drunk is at the Bridewell Theatre until March 1

Tickets: £20, Concessions: £18

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