Following the success of ‘Shadow Catchers: Camera – Less Photography’ shown at the V&A between the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, one of the exhibitors, Floris Neusüss is showing work at the Atlas Gallery. Camera-less photographs are produced in various ways such as chemigrams and photograms and are often, but not always produced in a darkroom. The works shown in this exhibition are mainly pigment prints and photograms and the pieces showcased are both old and new.

The exhibition is formed by Neusüss’s Aegineten pieces, which are life-sized photograms of sections of Greek statues and his photogram series depicting female nudes entitled Nudogramm. The show also features his highly colourful and successful Tellerbild series, produced in the 1970’s, the legacy of which can be seen in the work of Garry Fabian Miller, who also showed works at the same V&A exhibition.        

This show juxtaposes the new works such as the Aegineten series made in 2003 with older ones such as Nudogramm Kassel produced in 1969; but it also places ancient imagery, the greek statues in the Aegineten pieces alongside the modern abstract circles in the Tellerbild works. Of the vast amount shown the colour filled Tellerbild series is the strongest. There is a bold minimalism to each of the pieces that enables them to hold their own as a single work or carry themselves through a series. 

…I would heartily recommend to anyone…

There is a wide range of techniques and forms shown in a space that could be easily overwhelmed, but it is perfect for photography and Neusüss’s work uses this effectively. This is an exhibition that I would heartily recommend to anyone, especially those new to the world of camera – less photography. It is a small exhibition, but one that would pack a big cultural punch into anyone’s lunch hour.

Floris Neusüss: Ancient and Modern is at Atlas Gallery until 12 January 2013

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Jessica Bunyard is an artist and writer. Her practice explores colour and music, using photography, film, photograms, performances and collaborations. Bunyard formed the performance group The Sculptural Orchestra which involves members improvising using metal sculptures as instruments and photographs as visual scores. @TheScOrchestra Jessica Bunyard has exhibited in numerous events including: 'Salon II' at Forman's Smokehouse Gallery from the 1st December to the 29th January and 'Perception' an exhibition in aid of RNIB at Bermondsey Project Space from the 18th August to the 25th August 2012

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