Bunny Rogers and Jasper Spicero were jet-lagged and Arcadia Missa, an artspace in Peckham, was late to open their newest exhibition.

The time dragged on to 18.20. The gallery is tucked away under a railway arch in Peckham Rye and is made up of a single whitewashed room. It wasn’t much warmer inside but the exhibition, Random House – based on the narrative between fact and fiction – was interesting enough to distract from the chilly climate of south London.

The exhibition features four artists, three working in New York today – Bunny Rogers, Jasper Spicero and Jill Magid. The fourth, Emma Talbot works from London.

…I felt a connection with the second one…

Random House is an exhibition that explores two motives: the first idea asks ‘if previous centres of knowledge collapsed, and everything as we knew also collapsed, then what would be left?’ I struggled to identify with this enormous, apocalyptic idea from the small number of works on display, but I felt a connection with the second one. This idea, according to Jasper Spicero, is that it’s possible to get a sense of intimacy from today’s technology such as films and computer games. Random House takes the idea further: the visitor can actually inhabit spaces found in these technologies, which is a lovely notion.

In their works, Jasper and Bunny focused on a computer game and explored this further by depicting distinct objects from the game. A large page of notepaper torn from an oversized notepad seemed to be attached to the wall by black ceramic butterflies, which were presented as though they had just escaped and were spreading their wings across the cold white walls of the studio.

…we have a strong artistic connection…

Jasper talked me about his collaboration with Bunny. “We met on Facebook but we have a strong artistic connection, and it’s very unusual to find somebody who just gets it, and understands the direction you’re trying to take. We both normally exhibit in New York.”

The art is all interactive, and the exhibition also marks the launch of www.publishing-house.me, an online publishing initiative featuring both poetry and prose. Feel free to flick through the books on display and dart around the stacks of newspapers, inky-black ice-skates and model of a safe nailed into the wall. You might for a moment forget that you’re in a cold south London railway arch and feel as though you’ve been transported into a computer game, albeit a slightly dark, catastrophic one.

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Jill Magid, Bunny Rogers, Jasper Spicero, and Emma Talbot. The exhibition runs until the 7th December.

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