Comedy and science are two things which you may think won’t mix but Festival of the Spoken Nerd – made up of stand-up mathematician Matt Parker, “geek songstress” Helen Arney and “experiments guy” Steve Mould – prove that it can.

Described as “a variety night for the insatiably sci-curious”, their show Life, Oh Life at the Bloomsbury Theatre has been “3.4 billion years in the making”, exploring who we are, where we come from and everything in between.

In a unique mix of comedy, science, music and maths, Festival of the Spoken Nerd enthusiastically brings what’s interesting and fun about science alive with unabashed and infectious enthusiasm. The show highlights the fascinating and amazing in the everyday through interactive experiments, demonstrations and music. The show’s broad theme of Life means that a multitude of topics could be squeezed into their 2 ½ hour run time, from how the colour magenta doesn’t really exist, why bees are superior to man, the science behind extreme sports to bacteria and zombie attacks among many others. With appearances from special guests, the show is brimming with information that left me thinking for days.

The science isn’t overly simplified or dumbed down…

Although classed as comedy, the show’s emphasis is on science so a basic knowledge of the subject helps, yet the show is accessible to all. The science isn’t overly simplified or dumbed down but instead enthusiastically demonstrated with experiments, graphs and graphics by people who are obviously passionate about their subject to an auditorium full of people eager to learn.

Overall, Life, Oh Life from Festival of the Spoken Nerd is a celebration of science and the joy in learning quirky and interesting facts, and a perfect evening for the inquisitive. Although their run of Life, Oh Life has now ended, a new show – Technobabble – will be running in April, also at the Bloomsbury Theatre. If Life, Oh Life is anything to go by, I’ll definitely be getting a ticket.



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