For as long as they have known one another, Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper have been performing together. Whether it is acting, singing or producing, the pair always sought to collaborate on projects that inspire them and entertain others. And so, since the creation of their production company, Hatstand Productions, they have performed and toured with one live performance, have shot their first feature film, and are now performing the second live performance, Nicola.


NicolawebNicola is the story of two women who, whilst in the same flat of a mutual friend, begin to express, through song, their contrasting desires to either escape or keep the security of their lives, before finding out that they may have one unfortunate common interest.

In forty-five minutes, the audience is subject to an upbeat, jovial power play between the two women, filled witty dialogue and some wonderful visual gags. And, much in the same keel as this year’s sensational Frozen, this is a play about sisters doing it for themselves, coming together as one, in order to cope with life’s difficulties.

…a theatre performance that should not be missed…

With strong acting, good pacing and an enjoyable musical number (by Omar Shahryar) this is a theatre performance that should not be missed. Nicola is being performed at the Bridewell Theatre at 1pm until July 4th. Undoubtedly, if you are in the area, this is the perfect way to spend a lunch hour.

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