Upon receiving the press release for this event, there were several phrases that piqued my interest.

Silencio Teaser.‘Supersonic diva robots from the future’ was one. Another was the claim that Silencio was ‘the King Midas of all parties.’ As if that wasn’t enough, there was also the promise of dancing under a huge tent for at least two hours. Who was I to say no?

Silencio is B-movie film footage with an amusing narration alongside a mini-circus and a silent disco, in the space of three hours. It’s almost as if the event was created in response to the challenge ‘how much craziness can you fit into three hours?’ When you arrive at the tent just under Charing Cross bridge you’re given a set of headphones and thrust into a very well air-conditioned room – thank goodness – with a small stage in the middle. The action began with the movie reels that claim to take you to another world, namely Silencio, where Boris Bikes were replaced with a fairground ride and slides took the place of escalators. Already it seemed like somewhere I’d escape to on holiday.

…my face made its own contortions and an acrobatic performance…

Silencio CarThe promise of a ‘supersonic diva robot from the future’ was fulfilled by the appearance of the Cherbot which launched into a rendition of ‘Believe.’ This humorously realistic performance was in itself worth the ticket price, however we were then treated to a contortionist demonstration, during which my face made its own contortions and an acrobatic performance. The skilled performers truly made my jaw drop, a sight witnessed cheerily by the eerie ushers who were dressed up as mimes and patrolled the crowd, threatening to jump at you at an instant. A little bit scary, a lot of fun.

The live action ended about forty minutes after it began and the night gave way to a fully-fledged silent disco. The beauty of it was that you could choose your channel in your headphones – blue, green or red – each of which had a different theme and dance genre. This meant that if you took off your headphones and looked around, it appeared that everyone’s bodies were spontaneously moving but to completely different music. The music ranged from Jerry Lee Lewis to Madonna, Grease to Dizzee Rascal – they had everything covered.

…I’m ageing far beyond my years…

I felt very much like Cinderella when my headphones abruptly cut off at half past midnight. Well, I say this, but what I mean is that I was delighted it ended at a decent time and I didn’t get home to bed all that late. This is probably an indication that I’m ageing far beyond my years, rather than a negative reflection on the evening. Silencio brings a new twist to your average silent disco by incorporating live action in a way that is sexy, intelligent and very tongue-in-cheek. It is incredibly well organised, expertly performed and, most importantly, a whole lot of fun.

Silencio returns to London Wonderground on 10, 17 and 24 August, from 9.30pm until half past midnight. Tickets are £17.50 or £16 for concessions and can be purchased from their website.

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