Jodi Picoult novels tend to follow a set formula: a family crisis, a legal showdown, an unexpected twist and a provocative social issue.  Unsurprisingly, Sing You Home is no different.

The novel follows Zoe Baxter, a woman who faces infertility, a stillborn baby, divorce, her first lesbian relationship, a second marriage, and then a court battle for the rights to her frozen embryos.  All in approximately six months.

Meanwhile, the man who starts the novel as her husband, struggles with death, divorce, alcoholism, a religious conversion, infidelity and an unobtainable lover.

A Book With Character

Sing You Home is certainly an eventful and busy novel which can, at times, feel rushed and overwhelming.  However, the main triumph is its characters that, despite the bustling storyline, are believable and endearing.

While many of Picoult’s bestsellers, including My Sister’s Keeper, revolve almost entirely around the court case. The legal battle between Zoe and Max is not the main focus of Sing You Home. This makes a refreshing change! The characters are shaped and understood beyond their role in the courtroom.

We are instead invited to look at blossoming relationships from several perspectives, adding depth to the story. Any reader is bound to build a genuine attachment to these rich characters.

Words Off The Page

But it’s not just the characters that will grip you. Picoult pioneers an innovative combination of the arts in her use of literature and music.

Sing You Home is accompanied by ten songs, one for each chapter of the novel. Fully embracing a range of media, these songs can be heard online using the QR code given at the beginning of the chapter.

Ellen flawlessly sings the voice of Zoe Baxter…

They are composed by both Picoult and her close friend Ellen Wilbur.  Ellen flawlessly sings the voice of Zoe Baxter as she copes with the turbulent changes in her life, providing further insight into this character.

Food For Thought

Picoult explores current issues, such as gay rights, Evangelical Christianity, and reproductive science.  While her own opinions on these issues are discussed in-depth on her own website, the novel presents a non-judgemental and balanced view throughout.

…explores current issues, such as gay rights…

A thought-provoking and inspiring book which is guaranteed to keep you reading.

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