The Three Pintos is a charming 1960s-take on the Weber/Mahler comic opera.

The first half saw singing talent Diamond (as Inez) stealing the show with her magnificently powerful voice. Another vocal highlight was the Innkeeper, Ramgobin. His striking voice seemed deserving of longer exposure; although his role was small, the strength of his voice made him particularly memorable.

The chemistry between the main characters was so acute that there was rarely a moment when the audience wasn’t in fits of laugher. A particular triumph was the ‘wooing-lesson’ scene, where Don Gaston (Bailey), Ambrosio (Davison) and Don Pinto (Goodman) seamlessly weaved together their respective lines (along with highly amusing visual gags).

Equally enjoyable was the duo Clarissa (Martins) and Gomez (Digges), who provided a moving romance to complete the brilliance of this production. Although, they were overshadowed in the second half by the vocal talent of Blackshaw (as Laura), who showed great skills as an actress and a singer throughout.

The well executed gags as well as the clever staging, involving a whole host of extras, added to the success of the production. However, it was the vocal talent of the cast that made this production particularly special. Well worth watching!

The production ran from the 21st-26th March.

5 Stars


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