You’d be surprised how simple it is to create dazzling works of art with a little bit of programming and a batch of rainbow-coloured neopixels. Here are just a few little projects that will have you brightening up anything you can get your hands on.


Decorative shoes

Neopixels can react to several different stimuli to make them flash or go through cycles of colours for a trippy effect. Try lining the sides of your shoes and making the neopixels flash with every step you take, to emulate those flashing shoes from your childhood. Static colour jazzes up any pair of kicks too.


Ambient lighting

When you’re powering through an all-nighter to get your assignments finished, it always benefits to have good lighting for your PC monitor. A very simple project, but helpful nonetheless, neopixels can be programmed to amplify the colours of your PC monitor of TV, to give them that extra pop.


Colourful room lighting

With just a neopixel shield and a small Arduino board, you can create a multi-coloured light for your room. Size is up to you though – neopixels come in so many form factors, allowing you to create huge blinding matrices of multi-coloured splendour or just simple, single-pixel star-like dots.


Cool earrings

You can get neopixels arranged in hoops that make perfect earrings easily. One cool thing to do with neopixel earrings is to make them sound responsive – just as a subtle way of letting one of your friend know they’re being too loud.


Beautiful light paintings

The effect you get when you photograph someone twirling a sparkler around looks really cool, especially when the photo is a long exposure one. Now if you incorporate the many colours you get from neopixels, you can be sure of some pretty great results.


LED tie

With the exception of piano pattern ones, ties are just plain dull. Light them up with a strip of neopixels. Depending on how flashy you want the tie to be, neopixels come in strips with varying amounts of lights per metre. Makersify provide a range of neopixels, and strips that range from 30 per metre, to a really bring 144 per metre.


Makeshift signs

If you’re flat broke and want to attract a roommate to split the bills with, try using neopixels as signs. Neopixels are easy to sew onto fabric, or even glue onto card to create easy to make signs saying whatever you want.


Party curtain

Forget bead curtains, with neopixels you can have a rainbow cascading down your door frame. Another really easy do-it-yourself to spice up your flats interior, just get some strips of neopixels, sew them together, and then hang them above your door. Simple.


High-vis bike

Become a brilliant streak of colour by using neopixels on your bike frame or wheels. For all those times you want to go cycling at night, and don’t want to wear gaudy high-vis jackets, just wrap some of those strips around your bike.


Festive lights

Staying away for Christmas for the first time? Come together with your uni mates beneath your very own Christmas tree. Neopixels add a deeper level of customization than normal fairy lights. Use neopixels to make the festive season just that little brighter.


Whether it’s for practicality or simply to look good, there are a plethora of uses for neopixels when coupled with Arduino boards and Raspberry Pi PCs. Those bright little weather-proof dots can liven up any party, with just some simple programming and initiative.

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