If the Oscar-winning film, Black Swan, has given you a taste for classical ballet, then why not go and see the real thing. In the luxurious Royal Opera House at the corner of Covent Garden, the Swan dances to the melodious music composed by Tchaikovsky and performed by Orchestra of the Royal Opera House.

Swan Lake has everything a love story needs: a beautiful princess, a prince, an evil sorcerer, and a happy ending. What makes the ROH’s production remarkable are the gorgeous ballet dancers who carry the music, and the love, with delicate leaps and turns. The most anticipated part is, of course, the intense contrast between the innocent white swan, Odette, and the seductive black swan, Odile.

At the Royal Opera House, Marianela Nuñez elegantly presented both: while her white swan seems fragile and exquisite, her black counterpart was strong, powerful, and deadly beautiful. Thiago Soares also charmed the audience as the prince. Their forced separation in Act II was outstanding: without words, every muscle of the dancers spoke. Under the curse of the evil spirit, trembling and struggling, Odette withdrew from her lover.

If in Swan Lake one finds love conquers everything, the Royal Ballet also won the heart of the audience. Applause and cheers last long.

Swan Lake will be danced at the ROH until the 8th April.

You can catch the Mariinsky Ballet performing it at the ROH from the 25th July – 8th August.

Or, for a refreshing take on the classic, grab a ticket for the Guangdong Acrobatic Troupe of China’s rendition, which is scheduled to run from the 9th – 14th August at the London Coliseum.

5 Stars


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