Here is MouthLondon’s Top 10 Online Literary Resources for your viewing pleasure:


Poetry Archive

An archive of poets reading their own poetry. A fun and inspiring website for budding poets. 

Share your poetry, “get reviews in 60 minutes or less”, “top poets will appear on National TV”. has changed a lot over the years, for better or worse, but it has always been one of the major online poetry communities. It often has big prizes up for grabs!



“Share your poetry, song lyrics, short stories, essays and articles.” This site is great way to share your writing and get feedback. There’s a rating system (naturally) which corresponds to a ‘top rated authors’ and ‘top rated works’ table. It’s a helpful community to be a part of.



“Share your Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, and more with the world.” You can upload audio such as a poem, a short story or a podcast. You can also “automatically generate ebooks”. This site has plenty of useful and unique features: it’s worth knowing about.



“BBC writersroom identifies and champions new writing talent and diversity across BBC Drama, Entertainment and Children’s programmes.” A great way for scriptwriters to get their unsolicited scripts to the BBC.


Writer’s Relief 

Writer’s Relief “help writers with publishing a novel, poems, short stories, essays, books.” Essentially, they get you in contact with agents and editors: a useful service to know about.



Lulu is a self-publishing platform. It’s a big, dependable and easy-to-use site, if you’re interested in self-publishing.  “Over 1 million authors have used” and there are “over 1000 new titles a day”.



“A new space for writers to share, read and sell.” The site was setup by a Royal Holloway student who won the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship awards for the idea. Quite simply; a great idea and a great site.



Authonomy is run by Harper Collins and offers the opportunity for authors to get their books seen by a publisher without going through an agent. You upload your book and if it’s reviewed highly enough by other users, Harper Collins will consider it for publication. I’d say it’s worth a shot if you’re trying to get a book published.


Poetry Society 

Poetry Society is an absolutely essential resource for any poetry. Membership costs between £35 and £42 (depending on your circumstances) and is worth every penny for those who take (or want to take) their poetry seriously. In return you’ll receive a quarterly issue of Poetry Review and Poetry News and discounted entry on lots of their competitions, including the National Poetry Competition. I think the best aspect of Poetry Society is its ‘stanzas’. These are poetry workshops across the UK: a great thing to get involved with to help improve your poetry.

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