Some words have their disadvantages. “Choir” is one of them. Although Sister Act made a considerable effort in the early nineties, hammering youngsters with their sassy versions of Oh Happy Day and I will follow him, “choir” still has problems appealing to younger people.

This, however, does not seem to concern the choir-festival Voices Now. Having set the scene with the motto “Celebrating singing together”, they address those who already are a part of, or who want to become part of, a choir community. The festival presents a range of performances, from platinum elementary school-classes to the Camden Township Choir and the interesting female vocal trio Juice. The emphasis is on variety and cohesion, stressing the importance of singing for everyone: amateurs, professionals or total beginners.

With this sympathetic and interesting approach, Voices Now clearly is an important festival within the choir community. On the other hand, I think that it also has the potential to become something more. With the vantage point of the cutting-edge art venue, The Roundhouse, situated in such a vibrant area as Camden, there are loads of opportunities to try addressing

those who aren´t as familiar with choirs. With this in mind in the future, I think Voices Now could expand beyond their current audience and become even more interesting.

The festival ran from the 24th-27th March and will be back again in 2013.

4 Stars


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