Here at MouthLondon we’ve picked the next bunch of art-related events that may be worth taking a look at throughout October.



V22 – Young London

V22’s exhibition showcases London’s “most talented and emerging artists” in this second annual exhibition of contemporary art. The exhibition strives to display the work of artists who play a “prominent role in shaping the future of contemporary art in London” and explores “the imperatives and artistic practices that resonate today”.

Runs until 11 November. Free. 


David Roberts Arts Foundation – A House of Leaves

A House of Leaves is the David Roberts Arts Foundation’s inaugural exhibition in their new exhibition space. Taking its name from Mark Z. Danielewski’s novel A House of Leaves “in which different storylines, told in different styles, intertwine” this four-part exhibition promises to be “composed and completed by its visitors”. Each part of the exhibition derives from “the study of a single key work that defines the whole movement” and works of art are continually substituted throughout the exhibition. The epilogue of the exhibition will empty the exhibition, leaving the architecture to be explored.

First Movement: Runs until 15 November; Second Movement: Runs from 15 November – 17 January 2013; Third Movement: Runs from 17 January – 16 February; Epilogue: Runs from 19 February –  23 February. Free.


National Gallery – Richard Hamilton: The Late Works

Before his death in 2011, Richard Hamilton was planning this major exhibition for the National Gallery and it has now been realised posthumously. Described as “highly personal” the exhibition “encapsulates many of the significant directions Hamilton’s art has taken over recent decades” and displays unseen work, including his unfinished final work “Le Chef-d’oeuvre inconnu”.

Runs until 13 January 2013. Free.



Grange Hotel HolbornThe Hotel Plays

Tennessee William’s The Hotel Plays have never before been performed in the UK, and this month the Defibrillator Theatre Company is uniquely staging the three plays. The audience follow the company as they perform the three short plays, Green Eyes, Sunburst and The Travelling Companion in three hotel suites.

Runs until 27 October. Tickets £20.


Kings Head TheatreCross Purpose

Written by Nobel Laureate Albert Camus, Cross Purpose follows a man as he returns home with the intent of bringing “good fortune to his Mother and Sister.” Described as “darkly absurd”, the man finds them instead running a guest house where he discovers them “murdering their wealthy guests and dumping them in a nearby river.”

Runs until 11 November. Tickets £15-£25


Tricycle TheatreRed Velvet

This world premiere of Lolita Chakrabarti’s new play Red Velvet is based on the true story of Ira Aldridge, an African-American actor who performed on the London stage, particularly in Shakespearean roles. The play depicts the events as, after the collapse of the greatest actor of his time on stage whilst playing Othello, a young black American actor is asked to play the role.  With riots over the abolition of slavery happening on the streets, how will everyone “react to this revolution taking place in the theatre?”

Runs until 24November. Tickets £14-£22




Free Word Centre26 Throwaway Lines

Throwaway Lines is an exhibition inspired by a creative writing project that turns “litter into litterature”. Members of writing collective ‘26’ were paired with handwritten notes that were found on London’s streets, where they used them to inspire literature. The stories, along with the notes the inspired them, “take on an exciting 3D form thanks to the talents of design agency Alphabetical” in this intriguing exhibition.

Runs from 29 October – 26 November. Free.


Barbican – Random International: Rain Room

Random International’s new art installation at the Barbican invites viewers to experience what it would be like to control the rain – without getting wet. Visitors can choose to spectate or instead, make their way through the rain. Installed in the Barbican’s ‘The Curve’, the space has been “transformed by the monumental proportions of this carefully choreographed downpour and sound of water”. 

Runs until 3 March 2013. Free.



The Alternative London Street Art Tour

The tour’s aim is to showcase East London’s street art whilst highlighting the important cultural and historical aspects that make the area what it is today. Street art is continually evolving which ensures a different and exciting tour each time, with each tour guaranteeing a wide range of artwork “from around forty artists per tour”.

Tours are ongoing. Tickets on a ‘pay-what-you-like’ basis.



Richard Hamilton, Portrait of a woman as an artist, 2007, Oil on inkjet on canvas, 100 x 123 cm

 Le Chef-d’oeuvre inconnu – a painting in three parts, 2011 (printed 2012), Epson inkjet on Hewlett-Packard RHesolution canvas, 112 x 176 cm (each variant)

© Courtesy of the Estate of Richard Hamilton

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