Ah, Benedict Cumberbatch, the modern-thinking girl’s man of choice. Seeing as our dear BC is nominated for Best Actor at the Evening Standard Awards next week, along with his Frankenstein co-star Jonny Lee Miller, I thought I might review my respect for him.

I first spied young Benedict in the film adaptation of David Nicholls’s Starter for 10 in 2006, in which he unequivocally stole the show as neurotic University Challenge boffin and first class jerk, Patrick Watts. And then, of course, there was BBC’s Sherlock in which Cumberbatch stole our hearts one impossibly complex riddle at a time.

“…I am horse-faced and arse-named but what can you do.”

But it was really his performance in Danny Boyle’s production of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein that won him an eternal spot on my coveted shelf of favourites. Cumberbatch and Trainspotting’s Johnny Lee Miller alternated the roles of Victor Frankenstein and the Creature, and though complementing each other gorgeously, the C-man triumphed in both roles. He got the callous scientific ambition of Frankenstein and – what I believe to be the most overwhelming aspect of the Creature’s character – his absolute and unfathomable loneliness dead bloody-well on.

You’d think all this awesome might go to his head, but in making his acceptance speech for GQ’s Actor of the Year Award in September, he proved himself to be the humble, charismatic chappie I’d always hoped (and secretly known) he would be. To quote, “this makes up for a blog that I accidently read last night that said that I was ‘horse-faced, arse-named, wooden and untalented.’ I can dispute the last two possibly because you’ve honoured me with this; the first two, yeah, I am horse-faced and arse-named but what can you do. This is a huge honour and is going to take up a massive place on my very small mantelpiece, so thank you very much.”

Now tell me you don’t love the Cumber-meister.  

Images courtesy of Benedict Cumberbatch


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