Why Paintballing in London is the Perfect Weekend Activity for Students

Studying all week and stressing over exams can take its toll, and paintballing is an ideal form of stress relief.

Many people are quick to assume that the student lifestyle is made up of plenty of boozing, lounging around and a strict diet of microwavable meals. While these factors are bound to slip into your lifestyle at some point, there is also the abundance of studying and pressure of exams that students have to deal with.

With all that stress, pressure and expectation, it’s good to have an activity that helps you switch off and positively stimulate your body and mind — and the same goes for those working long hours in a demanding job.

Perhaps nothing ticks all these boxes more than a day of paintballing; an affordable activity that allows you to meet up with friends, get outside and immerse yourself in a totally new environment. Let’s take a look at how paintballing in London can seriously benefit your hectic lifestyle.

Blow Off Some Steam

There will always come a time when you’ll feel the need to blow off some steam, whether it’s due to stress at uni, boredom or any other annoyance. Some people do this by working out at the gym or some other form of exercise, but you’ll soon find that pummeling people with a paintball gun has some serious stress-relieving benefits.

Not only this, but the adrenaline-fuelled nature of paintballing will work wonders for anything that’s stressing you out and allow you to get into full combat mode. If you don’t focus fully on the action, the chances are you’ll get shot. Switch off from your day-to-day matters and switch onto executing the perfect ambush on your opponent.

Paintballing Is Not Your Average Day Out

There’s no doubt that London hosts many weird and wonderful activities and events. You may well have already spent your weekends checking these out, which can often lead to falling into a bit of a routine.

Unless you’re a seasoned paintball player, paintballing won’t be part of your weekly routine and will most definitely add some excitement to the following weekend’s events.

Paintball combines the adrenaline and exercise of an everyday sport with authentic combat situations and surroundings. Plus, you get to shoot your friends with a paintball gun. What’s not to love?!

Paintballing is a Ridiculously Good Workout

If you haven’t already noticed, health and fitness has become a bit of a big deal. An abundance of websites, products, bloggers and lifestyle coaches can be found today, all with the goal of helping people be the healthiest they can possibly be.

But a strict diet and an intense gym regime isn’t for everyone, so finding other forms of exercise is essential. Take paintball, for instance. If someone told you to run around all day, climbing, jumping and maybe even the occasional commando roll, for no particular purpose, would you bother?

During a day of paintball, you’ll have to act out all of these exercises to stand any chance of not going home looking like a Picasso painting. Paintballing not only provides you with a full body workout, but the adrenaline-fulled nature of the sport will leave you unaware of how much exercise you’re actually doing.

It’s Great Value for Money

We all know how extortionate living in London can be, but considering the equipment, setting and services provided, paintballing in London is one of the best value-for-money activities around. If you consider how much you would spend on a night out, I bet paintball is probably looking like an absolute steal right now.

The only basic fees within paintballing are for entry and then buying some paintballs, which tend to be in different amounts or ‘packages’, so you can tailor your day around your funds. Protective equipment is provided as standard, but it’s advisable to wear some layers.

If you want really up your game then opting for weapon upgrades will be perfect for you. Some companies provide a variety of different weapon types to customise your experience further and allow you to play exactly how you prefer (sniper, assault, close-range, etc.).

There’s also other paintball equipment, like smoke grenades and flashbangs, that can give your game a very authentic feel which are an optional extra. It all depends on how much you choose to spend but, all in all, it’s a bargain — especially if you have paintballing gift vouchers.

So, what are you doing this weekend? If you’ve been struggling to find an activity that’s exciting enough to engage your whole group of friends, it doesn’t get much more exciting than a day of paintball in London. Not only do you get to barrage your chums with paintballs and get some important exercise, but you can do so while maintaining a tight budget.

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