Looking for a career in the IT sector? Study computing courses in London or across the UK to secure one of these great jobs.

3 Great Careers For You After Studying Computing Courses

If you’re thinking about your next move after your GCSEs or thinking about switching from A-levels to something more practical have you considered taking a computer course?

The IT sector recently recorded its best growth in a decade and all the signs are that it will continue to bloom over the coming years. It’s an exciting area to work in offering plenty of potential for personal development as well as financial rewards.

You’ll find a wide variety of computing courses in London and at colleges in other major cities. After completion you can move into the following careers.

IT Support Technician

TypingIf you love computers, problem solving and working with people then IT support roles could be perfect for you. A lot of people who complete computing courses in London and around the UK move directly into IT support technician roles. It requires wide knowledge of various operating systems and platforms as well as networking, hardware and software.

Support techs work in a huge range of settings from call centres dealing with problems by phone, to onsite work for universities and large organisations. Typically you’ll fix faults with systems, repair hardware when required, test and service equipment and install and upgrade systems. Salaries start at around £18,000 with experienced technicians earning around £30,000 or more.

Network Engineer

Working as a network engineer you’ll be responsible for installing and maintaining computer data and communication systems. On any given day you may be configuring hardware, fixing faults, setting up user accounts to give appropriate access levels to the network, carrying our services and maintenance and much more.

There are several computing courses in London and elsewhere that can give you the skills necessary to work as a network engineer. Starting salaries can vary wildly from £18,000 to £28,000 depending on the size of the organisation. Experienced network engineers can earn up to £40,000.

Web Developer

The internet has revolutionised the world, and colleges that offer computing courses in London and across the country report that a lot of students have a desire to establish a career in web development.

Web developers are the people that make sites like Google, Amazon and every other website a reality. You can choose to specialise in front end development, where you’ll code the visual aspects of the site, how it appears and behaves when customers interact with it. Or you could do back end development where you ensure the site is secure and build the behind the scenes systems that the user is actually accessing.

Web developers are in high demand and the job is typically well paid with starting salaries around £20,000 and senior developers earning in excess of £45,000.

The IT sector is constantly growing, and with technology becoming more important to every aspect of our lives skilled workers in all areas of computing will continue to be in demand. The best way to get into this field is by completing one of a range of computing courses in London or in other major cities around the country.

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