Benny & Joon is quite possibly the quirkiest rom-com I have ever had the enjoyment of watching. The story follows Juniper (Joon) who lives with and is cared for by her elder brother Benny. Joon is mentally ill and the intensity of her condition means Benny’s life is set on hold, caring permanently for the welfare of his sister. The relationship is strained to near breaking point, until Sam (Johnny Depp), a wild and extravagant young man, enters their lives.

Sam, while wayward and masterful in his own individuality, manages to bring Benny and Joon together again, allowing for a romance to blossom with himself and Joon. Also, Benny begins to date Ruthie (Julianne Moore) as a result.

…a truly successful rom-com that bears no comparison to any other.

The film is made for Johnny Depp, who excels in a role that he has now made famous. From Pirates of the Caribbean to Edward Scissorhands, Depp has been able to manipulate a confused, charming, simple natured personality while engulfed in a deeply complex and wild character better than anyone. Benny and Joon is no different.

Supported by a plethora of interestingly humorous ideas and a talented ensemble of actors, director Jeremiah S.Chechik was able to create a truly successful rom-com that bears no comparison to any other.  If you are searching for something fun and lighthearted Benny and Joon is the film that will make your lazy Sunday afternoon all that much better.

4 Stars



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