Context MC arrived on the music scene back in 2008 with his “Dialectics EP”.  Three years later and he’s still on the rise, gaining airplay from the likes of BBC Radio 1, MTV and 1xtra; a roster any upcoming artist would dream of.  Grandson to a Yorkshire coal miner and hailing from Norwich, Context isn’t your regular MC, bringing a refreshing sound to the music scene.

Those familiar with Context would characterise his sound as atmospheric, emotive and dark, combining an array of genres which his brother calls “Dub-Hop”.  “My sound pulls together what I am into; dubstep (both the ambient and aggressive sides), hip hop, and drum and bass in parts.  I just try to make emotional music; something that makes you, as a listener, feel something.”  His current single Listening to Burial illustrates the feeling of coming back after a night out; the heavy beat coupled with melodic harmonies creating something dreamlike and poignant.

“I wouldn’t be able to achieve the things I am achieving were it not for university…”

Alongside launching his music career, which he has very much done alone, being manager free and even going on a UK tour organised by himself, Context also balances this with studying at university.  “I wouldn’t be able to achieve the things I am achieving were it not for university and the time and space it gives me; I really enjoy what I do at university, so it’s not a chore at all.”  Student life has driven the MC to learn to be proactive, “I can’t afford to have anyone make my videos”, his current video he filmed, edited and produced on his own.  He adds, “I just cracked on, learned how to use Final Cut Pro and a camera.”

The Norwich based MC sees delving into other creative industries very appealing, “I can definitely see myself getting into video production/editing at a later stage, even journalism as I love to write.  There are so many routes which might open up”.  Despite his growing success, one thing that remains is his self determination and constant ability to take creative control over himself as an artist, “I don’t like compromising my creativity, I have a clear vision and I love being able to have control of what I do.”

Expect to see a lot more from the young rapper who will soon be releasing his EP The Cadmean Victory.  You can also catch him performing at the Beach Break Festival in June.

Image courtesy of Context MC


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