Pop-guitar group The Tricks consists of four members, and four very close friends: Joel Hodge (25), John Bisset (25), Eliot Crabtree (25) and Ash Hodge (20). Although the band were signed by an American label it is clear to see that in both their music and demeanour, they are Londoners through and through. It has been a long evolution for this “pop-rock” band, but they seem now to have arrived at a steady juncture with a single soon to be released, an album laid down and gigs eminently stacking up.

Their Double A side, limited edition vinyl will be available in early September (as will the downloadable version), and will feature songs Just for the Summer and Remember Me. “Summer songs are reminiscent of going out, having fun, meeting people and being silly…and that is what we wanted for this single”. Remember Me is ironically the catchier of the two, and “always seemed to be the one after the gig that people said really stuck with them. It’s a great stamp on who we are, and certainly one for first time listeners.”

…they are Londoners through and through.

After being signed in LA, the band spent some time over there rehearsing, recording and they even played at the world famous rock club Whiskey-A-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip. Their time in America provided a great opportunity to work with producers Bruce Witkin (Grammy nominated for Sweeney Todd) and Ryan Dorn. Having experience in working with such artists as Mariah Carey, Phil Collins and Cher, Witkin was able to hone their skills in new areas, especially vocals.

The inclusion of harmonies on the majority of tracks adds strength to lyrical moments. Remember Me is a prime example of this, as well as emphasising their “pop-guitar” sound. “We were always looking to do harmonies but we didn’t necessarily have the knowledge. We worked hard in the studio and now, these are the best vocals I have ever done” explains lead singer Joel Hodge.

…throughout their repertoire remains the staples of a melodic core and strong backing harmonies…

Creatively, the band have a steady working pace which allows influence from all members and produces songs which when played in succession at a gig can sound dramatically different. However, throughout their repertoire remains the staples of a melodic core and strong backing harmonies which seem to have become synonymous with their sound.

Listening to them live, the guitars tend to dominate which creates a harsher rock sound. Yet, the hook for the majority of their music lies in catchy lyrics emphasised by well executed backing vocals, resulting in the softer pop-guitar sound that they themselves profess to have. “England is kicking off with a lot of guitar music again so this seems like a good time for us”.

Image courtesy of The Tricks and Tony Aken



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