Arnold Schwarzenegger’s talents never cease to amaze me. Body-builder turned model, turned Hollywood actor, turned politician. Yes, if you were unaware Mr Schwarzenegger himself has been residing as a real life “action hero” in the role of the Governor of California for the past eight years, terminating his role in January this year.

Many people were pessimistic about Arnold Schwarzenegger “the politician”, especially after declaring his gubernatorial campaign as “one of the most difficult [decisions] I’ve made in my entire life, except the one I made in 1978 when I decided to have a bikini wax”. The only thing that seemed to differ was Arnie now being known for making hilarious catch-phrases in politics rather than movies. However, he has actually been well received as the Governor of California, opposing the Three Strikes Law preventing the potential release of 26,000 dangerous criminals and rapists. Is there anything else that Schwarzenegger can’t do? It looks like we are about to find out whether he’s as good at politics as he is at re-branding the Arnie ’80s “package” that we all know and love.

…how would audiences react to a more serious side of Arnie’s acting career?

Cast your minds back to The Terminator, Predator and The Running Man. If Stallone and his old cronies can make their comebacks in The Expendables (let’s not forget Schwarzenegger’s cameo role in this film), Arnie’s future is looking bright. Stallone made his come-back at aged 60 in the sixth Rocky movie after all.

It has been rumoured that Schwarzenegger has been sifting through scripts over the last couple of months, and wants to model his career after his idol, Clint Eastwood. Projects in the pipeline include Terminator Resurrection (do we really need a fifth Terminator I hear you say?), or there is the possibility of playing a German Nazi Solider in Wings of Eagles. It has also been rumoured that Schwarzenegger may star in one of the Avatar sequels – again, sticking with the action/adventure genre we all know and love. I think the following question is then appropriate; should Arnie be doing what he does best; starring in brand-spanking new action films? Or concentrating on more serious roles? I wonder then, how would audiences react to a more serious side of Arnie’s acting career?

Extreme fighting or shooting is not possible any more.

This is a huge gamble, however, if he can be taken seriously as a politician then surely he can be taken seriously as an actor? Arnie has stated, “In the future I have to adapt my roles to my age.” Clint Eastwood has also done it in the same way; extreme fighting or shooting is not possible any more. “I want to be encouraged as an actor and I believe that I can manage the challenge”. Through Schwarzenegger’s period as Governor of California, I do agree he can handle a challenge. Although, what will the die-hard Arnie fans feel about this new “changed man”?

We can only keep our fingers crossed for further confirmations from Arnie about his come-back. We can only hope for more of his single-handed killings of 500 burly men, survival of explosions that would wipe out small countries, leaping from helicopters/skyscrapers without any parachute in sight, and copious amounts of new Arnie inspired catch-phrases coming to cinemas soon. In the words of Schwarzenegger himself, “Hasta La Vista Baby” (I couldn’t resist).


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