Strips forms together by taking a vintage erotic film and manipulating the displaced filmstrips to entice the voyeur’s present desire in a slow, painful way. Eng presents a humorous approach to “tightness” and the movements of human beings. The more appealing the land space, the more people gravitate towards it, maximizing the need for speed, order, discipline and the feeling within the few who consider themselves special among millions.

In Paintbrushes and Panels we are drawn into the construction of Brasilia and how Paulo Werneck was the first to bring mosaics to Brasilia. The film is a montage of the artist’s work in Rio in the ‘50s and ‘60s, particularly his collaborations with luminary architect Oscar Niemeyer as both men succeeded in changing the face of a nation.

Undertow Eyes follows Vera and Gabriel a couple that have been married for sixty years as they reflect on their love story. The two clasp their aging hands together as they confess “we don’t know how to live away from each other any more” while appearing that they have all the time in the world.

…inspired by the website “Beautiful Agony”…

Although in Stranger, Sophie lives alone and her isolation has led her to constructing a sculptured physique to occupy her mind away from her increasing loneliness. Face inspired by the website “Beautiful Agony”, focuses on human satisfaction and the intimacy in release. The film observes the actions of individuals who reflect on their sexual history and how aesthetics matter to people as they seek validation as a sexual being.

Image courtesy of the London Independent Documentary Festival


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