The Dublin based band returned to London for the first time in four years, to play the Monto Water Rats theatre in Islington. The electro dance quartet offers a mixture of elaborate harmonies, enthusiastic melodies and a beat that will not let your feet stay still. It is electro with sheer individuality from every member all coming together to make a hand clapping and toe tapping sound.

On stage, like their music, the band is full of energy. Lead vocalist Johnny Holden claimed that the band members “all lose around half a pound at every gig”. Hardly surprising as they all sing and play with passion and bounce, without sacrificing any quality in their musical performance.

They had their own unique sound, which everyone in the crowd lapped up…

Each song on the set list had moments at which you could compare them to other bands like The Klaxons, but none of them left you feeling like they were aspiring to be someone else. They had their own unique sound, which everyone in the crowd lapped up.

The new single I won’t worry, which will feature on their new album coming this summer, is catchy and has that “festival song” feel about it. If the album sells well, which I think it will, that will be the number that fans will sing along to.

The group now head back to Ireland to continue their tour, including a place on the line up at the Dublin City Soul Festival. I hope This Club make a return to London, because unlike a lot of unsigned bands who play in the capital, I want to see a lot more of them, and you should too.

4 Stars

Image courtesy of This Club


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