The music festival season is almost upon us again. A time of year where the tents are taken out of hibernation, cider is bought by the pallet-load, and people are praying that their recent ticket purchase is delivered on time. However, for those new to the scene, there is always that debate of where to go and who to see.

Bestival7If you’re a heavy-metal thrash-rocker, then Download Festival would probably be your first port of call – though there is a high chance that the West Country’s recent inclusion of Metallica as a headliner will bring a few new faces – and if  you’re somebody who prefers music from off the beaten track, then The End Of The Road Festival will probably be your enticement. However, there is one festival that every year, without fail, brings in the big names, the up-and-comers, and the comeback kings, and is placed at just the right time before the back-to-work-blues kick in. That festival is, of course, the aptly named Bestival.

Started on The Isle Of Wight by Rob da Bank, taking place over four days, and with the ability to boast previous appearance from the likes of Snoop Dogg, The Prodigy, Massive Attack and Seasick Steve, this truly is the most inclusive festival, which hits all four corners of the music world, and is therefore ideal for anybody simply looking to broaden their music horizon.

…the line-up boasts an astounding eighty-one live acts…

Bestival6This year’s line-up is as good as it has been in previous years. Headliners such as OutKast, Beck and Paloma Faith are there for the masses, but more importantly, other acts such as Glass Animals (a must-see act), Ady Suleiman (returning to Bestival for his second year) and The Bulletproof Bomb (embarking on their first festival appearance) are going to be given their chance to shine. So far, the line-up boasts an astounding eighty-one live acts, and a further seventy-one DJ sets from the likes of Annie Mac, Diplo and Jaguar Skills. It is more than fair to say that Bestival takes pride in its entertainment diversity.

However, where the organisers have succeeded the most in the past is through the variety of non-music events that take place around the grounds. There are film screenings every night, there’s musical bingo, audience-inclusive contests, and several comedy acts. So if you’re finding that the latest DJ set isn’t your thing, or that you’ve got three hours to kill before main headliners hit the stage, you’ll be happy to find that there will be several experiences available to ensure you are never left bored.

…dance with the 50,000 other revellers…

For those who still haven’t Googled their way to the festival’s “buy now” webpage, tickets are £195 for the whole festival (£180 for students), and the event takes place from 4th-7th September. Buy your tickets now, for your chance to dance with the 50,000 other revellers, chanting along merrily to Andre 3000’s “Hey Ya!”

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