Our contemporary world is highly dependent on a strong visual culture; however what happens when half of that visual culture represents the ideas of a male dominated world? We are missing out on the most important part of the picture! It is in this light that Birds Eye View seeks to celebrate the contribution of women working in the film industry. Created as a positive reaction to the fact that women still occupy a minor role within this industry, BEV is committed to support the work of talented filmmakers in order to push new boundaries in cinema.

For the last decade, a film festival has been organised, which screens outstanding contributions to cinema by female directors. Its purpose is to entertain audiences with women’s artistic visions, as well as organising other activities that aim to nurture new female writing talent. After a decade of steady growth, Birds Eye View has chosen not to run a festival this year, due to a 90% cut in its public funding. Instead a series of their Sound and Silent screenings and a variety of events will be running across the UK throughout the year. Birds Eye View will still hold their trademark Gala celebration of new talent on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2012. This event will be followed by a series of screenings showing the exceptional talent of Mary Pickford on 9 and 11 March.

…an extraordinary event like no other.

Mary Pickford, ‘The American Sweetheart’, ‘The Girl with Curls’ was a Canadian born actress who was a key figure in the development of film acting and the idea of modern celebrity. A co-founder of the film studio United Artists, alongside Douglas Fairbanks and Charles Chaplin, her talent shaped the Hollywood industry forever.

It is in this framework that Birds Eye View has commissioned four cutting-edge female musicians to write and perform new live scores to a range of Mary Pickford’s most visionary and entertaining work. This event promises to be an extraordinary event like no other. Supported by the PRS for Music foundation, The Mary Pickford season is divided in two parts:

Mary Pickford Revived I will screen three short films; Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley (US, 1918), The New York Hat and The Female of the Species (D W Griffith, 1912, USA) on 9 March.

Mary Pickford Revived II, screens one of her renowned feature films, Sparrows (1926, William Beaudine, USA) at the Hackney Picture House on 1 March.

Each film will be accompanied by live soundtracks performing artists such as; singer/songwriter Roshi, classical/electronic composer Anna Meredith, experimental pop multi-instrumentalist Tanya Auclair and vocalist Aristazabal Hawkes, best known for her central part in the indie rock band, Guillemots.

Birds Eye View is devoted to encourage and support the work of female filmmakers. This event is part of their commitment of celebrating female film-making talent. By showing past and present contributions of women to cinema; Birds Eye View inspires future female talent to be part of a drastic change in our contemporary visual culture. For more information and tickets click here.



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