Blinkbox has grown steadily over the last few years.

With technology and media spreading into every aspect of our lives, the battle for our attention spans has never been fiercer.

The television series, Game Of Thrones, has dominated the fantasy/drama genre for the last couple of years. Exploring and building on the seven kingdoms of Westoros, the show chronicles the power struggles of various families as they all vie for the iron throne. 

…violent depictions of war…

The show has been such s success because of its stellar cast, violent depictions of war, and a strong storyline that blends politics with fantasy.

We’ve looked over Blinkbox before in a previous review, but the gang over there are pulling out all the stops to showcase that you can buy/stream Game Of Thrones from them.

…Bury a giant dragons skull on a beach…

So how can you capture the imagination if your audience? Bury a giant dragons skull on a beach of course! With so much iconography based around the dragon, this us a simple abc effective way to show that Blinkbox are taking the series seriously. With so much at stake for the characters after the horrific season 3 Red Wedding, it will be interesting to see what Blinkbox can come up with for season 4s release.

Check out the worthwhile video here:



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