The world of film and media has always garnered a certain degree of wonder and curiosity, none more so than those from another country.

More than that, it’s the glamour we fall for, the seduction of the unknown and the exotic, the strange familiarity of it all. It is perhaps for these reasons that the UK is the second biggest market for Bollywood film and culture, second only to India itself. London is therefore the perfect location for an auction of Bollywood memorabilia that evokes glamour, history and a culture completely different to our own.

Even for those who know next to nothing about Bollywood films, the distinctive character and allure of the films comes through beautifully in these posters, LPs and film banners. The tragedy, romance and epic images bring to mind strong, wilful men and even stronger, more beautiful women, none more so than Mother India (1957).

Bollywood 2

…They highlight the integral role of music in film…

The auction features two LP soundtracks from the films recently voted the top two greatest Bollywood films in history, Sholay (1975) and Mughal-e-Azam (1960). They highlight the integral role of music in film, especially in the mid-20th Century when the partnership between the two was really coming into its own.

This inaugural auction for Conferro Auctions, located at the Westbury Gallery on Conduit Street, brings together a rounded and beautiful perspective on the films of Bollywood, highlighting a golden age of Bollywood filmmaking and developments within the industry.

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