Can Scre4m revitalise the “slasher” genre.  Or will this be the final cut.

Horror isn’t horror anymore.

Wes Craven is one of the most established horror directors in modern cinema. He is responsible for some of the most feared and enjoyed horror films which include A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Hills have Eyes, but his most well known and arguably his biggest accomplishment is the Scream series.

Like all good horror films there’s always a flutter of sequels and prequels, the latest, Scream 4 or, Scre4m only adds to the dying genre.

…I couldn’t find myself caring for any of the characters throughout the film…

Scre4m is set around the return of Sidney (Neve Campbell) to promote her new book about the past events in her life on the anniversary of the first “Stab” film, but during her return a new killer emerges and sets out to take the story into a new direction for the modern audience. The killer now records the murders and is planning to post them online. This is an acceptable narrative addition in the film as the internet is becoming ever increasingly functional now that anything can be seen online at the click of a button.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find myself caring for any of the characters throughout the film as none of them seem to have changed due to the past events. I was expecting to see at least one of the characters haunted by the past and struggling to get over all of the close friends and family that have been murdered, but none of them seemed to be too concerned.

…I think the “slasher” film is a dying art…

There were a few tense moments throughout the film that made me feel for the victims, but not to the extent that I was cheering them on to survive. The supporting characters were irritating by predominantly acting like they know a lot about horror films which is just a re-used format that worked well in the previous instalments but fell flat in this one. None of the characters were believable; their friends were dying left right and centre and none of them cared too much about it. The biggest plot element which I didn’t think made any sense was the fact that Sidney’s cousin is one of the main characters and has lived in Woodsboro her whole life but hasn’t been mentioned at all before. It made little sense as all of the rest of Sidney’s family were not around but suddenly her cousin and aunty are brought in.

I am not sure why this film was made. Before I went to see it I was expecting it to close the film series and end any other ties, but it failed to do so. I think the “slasher” film is a dying art and I don’t see it being brought back for a while until a new film is created that is set apart from the rest. Until then horror fans are just going to have to make do with the current horror offerings of remakes and re-boots.


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