The Roundhouse hosted the video event of the year with reclusive music video artist Chris Cunningham as the main attraction. To warm up the crowd, dubstep group 16bit dropped a heavy freestyle onto the crowd below, although they didn’t get the manic response they are probably used to amongst fans. Following on from the experimental post punk group, Factory Floor combined their inventive use of instruments into a jam session which can only be described as a tumescent stream of noise emanating from the stage that unfortunately failed to fall on deaf ears.

It was no surprise then an applause of relief ensued and the anticipated arrival of Chris Cunningham created an electric atmosphere.

Cunningham’s intricate editing skills are unwavering…

Cunningham’s one time performance in London lived up to the hype, beginning with an irresolute plea “Lord have mercy on me”: one man’s haunting descent into despair through an urban city subway, as he begs for salvation, begs with humility but his cries go unanswered.

Cunningham’s intricate editing skills are unwavering as the audience bore witness to a plethora of short films, from the characterized convulsions of a little girl literally being dissected, to a convoluted relationship between a man and woman that proves both intensely erotic and, disturbingly, the best video of the night.

Cunningham’s surrealist approach to music videos has turned the medium into an art form.

Combine these short pieces with the grotesque backdrop of Rubber Johnny, a recognisable favourite for all Aphex Twin fans, and the visual display of perfectly timed laser beams took the adrenaline levels of the awe inspired audience to new heights.  Cunningham’s surrealist approach to music videos has turned the medium into an art form.

Chris Cunningham will be performing again at the Big Chill 2011 so if you missed this one time performance in London, you’ll have another chance to visually indulge yourself this year before he disappears.

Image courtesy of Chris Cunningham


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