It can be difficult to be positive in this day and age. Your job, love life, family and friends can all cause you restless nights. However bad it is, there is always a silver lining.

Coca-Cola have just released this video as part of its uplifting new campaign ‘Reasons to Believe’ that puts the spotlight on life’s positives:



The film features an exclusive track by up and coming artist Milly Pye who was discovered busking on the streets of Chester. Milly, who recorded the track especially for this film, has been cited as a musician to watch this year 

‘Reasons to Believe’ is rooted in Coca-Cola’s rich 127-year brand heritage of bringing people moments of happiness through its campaigns. 

…juxtaposing emotive events that show both negative and positive outtakes…

The film is made up of a series of contrasting scenes, juxtaposing emotive events that show both negative and positive outtakes, to remind us that even though the world can be challenging at times, there will always be plenty of good in the world.

Viewers can visit the Coke Zone to find out more and share their reasons to believe using the hashtag #reasonstobelieve 

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