Coming out is no easy thing. Trust me I know. It is a terrifying yet brave moment that can literally change a family in a single spoken line. The majority of LGBT folk are accepted in today’s forward and liberal society, but there are still those that are scorned by their choice of sexuality.

There could be a hundred ways that this situation could be shown on the big screen, but to convey the emotions is no easy task; however Director/Writer Katie Smith is doing just that with her short film Crossroads.

Smith states: “Crossroads combines elements of drama, strength and emotion – but at its heart, it’s a film about a young man desperate to find approval of his relationship with another man after his mother has died. His attempted suicide highlights the emotional journey he has endured, along with his partner and also, his father and how people can come back from the brink of despair by being reminded of what’s more important. Love.”

With so many LGBT short films being recognised for their greatness (check out the recent Iris Prize winners short Burger) and realistic portrayal of gay men, it is hard not to see Crossroads a firm favourite on the festival run. The indiegogo campaign has just started and they are looking to raise £1200, so share, donate and get involved if you want to see a beautiful idea come to life.



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