Across the UK every year, several teams and several individuals take the bold step towards becoming professional filmmakers, living off of their own employment, by setting up their independent production companies. And 2014 is no exception. What makes this a particularly special year, however, is that it has seen the spawning of Devious Creatures, a production company already making their surreal mark on the filmmaking community.

The brainchild of Carolina Saludes and David Holloway, Devious Creatures is certainly not a production company for everyone. They have their niche. In an effort to avoid falling by the wayside, as so many new start-ups do, they have thrived on finding talking points with their films. In particular, they enjoy the controversial. The abstract. The downright weird. To date, they have created two short films, seeing their second venture selected for a horror-film anthology.

For the first year, that’s not bad going.

20131010 maestrashortfilm CBTheir first short, Maestra, tackles the subject of paedophilia, looking at the relationship between a teacher (or maestra) and her student. What makes this film far from a shock-horror flick, however, is that all of the action takes place ten years after the fact. It deals with the repercussions of the decisions made by an adult, and having already flipped it on its head by making the woman the villain, Devious Creatures’ debut succeeded in developing a hot topic, but definitely for the thinking man’s audience.

BreatheFilm (3)Their second short, Breathe, achieved the same results. Made specifically for £666, as part of FrightFest’s second horror anthology competition, the three-minute film follows one man’s journey as he wakes up, is bound and gagged, suffocated, and upon his survival realises that he is part of a sadistic game, where the rich bet on people’s lives. Sick. Twisted. Very stylistic.

So watch this space, as Devious Creatures are ready to start making the shockwaves that bring them to the forefront of the British cinema. Already working on their next short, Like Clockwork (a Lynchian horror involving a mysterious post delivery) and their feature film funding for Between Hell And High Water (the feature film version of Maestra) slowly falling into place, The Creatures will most definitely find their way into your home soon.

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