Download at Donnington Park is one of the biggest festivals not only in the UK but around the world. Fans come from far and wide to witness some of the loudest rock bands from past to present.

The atmosphere throughout the three day rock show is always what makes the event what it is. The fans wait around no matter what the time or weather is to get the best view for their favourite bands. The weather was typically unpredictable English weather, Friday and Saturday being warm and sunny and Sunday one of the wettest coldest days I’ve ever seen.  But no matter what the weather is like, the bands still play and the crowd will still cheer and scream as loud as possible.

…an amazing experience…

There was a wide range of bands playing from classic rock icons such as Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister to some of the new breed of hard-core metal such as Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet for my Valentine.

I found Twisted Sister one of the best acts performing over the three days. As a typical old school rock band they brought fans, young and old, to their feet singing along to Were Not Gonna Take it and I Wanna Rock. I also found that Linkin Park put on a great show even after having to go on stage through nine hours of rain, they still managed to get the crowd jumping.

…the biggest names in rock playing to a crowd of thousands.

But the usual problem occurred during the festival, created by organisers putting the biggest bands on at the same time. This is particularly annoying, especially on Sunday when I wanted to see Rob Zombie and Linkin Park but they were on at the same time but on different stages, so I had to watch half of each set for both performances.

Despite this I still found the event to be an amazing experience and no matter what the weather or the time slotting for the bands, I can easily say the atmosphere will always stay the same as long as there are the biggest names in rock playing to a crowd of thousands.

5 Stars


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