The third trailer compilation in its series, Grindhouse Trailer Classics 3 is a mix of nostalgia, bite-sized entertainment and a warped trip into a filmic period which simply should not be forgotten.

The latest instalment from Nucleus Films boasts over fifty vintage trailers from the 1970s to early 80s sleazy exploitation cinema scene. After the authentic opening consisting of grainy aesthetic age restriction warnings and video nasty promotions, the montage begins with the dubiously titled Act of Vengeance: The Story of Rape Squad – a heady mix of amateur martial arts and feminine revenge as the Rape Squad of abused women set out on a roaring rampage of revenge against a man dressed like Jason Voorhees, but somehow with less fashion sense.

…having too much fun in the sex capital of the world…

How did they get away with making these films!?

An intriguing opener which sets the tone for any newcomers to the Grindhouse convention, Rape Squad is swiftly followed up by the even less imaginatively titled, Sweden Heaven Hell, which as the title masterfully suggests is a voyeuristic journey introducing us to a mind numbing selection of Carry On-esque busty Swedish beauties as they tease and flirt their way through the trailer with less conviction than Jason Statham’s audition for Othello. The actors (if they qualify for this title), then proceed to show us the negative side of having too much fun in the sex capital of the world.

To give you more of an idea of the general soft-core depravity Sweden Heaven Hell offers, I will hand you over to the restlessly suave narrator as his hypnotic baritone growl invites us to “see the floating sex lab; a moonlit cruise where fifteen year old girls learn the practical side of sex”. This is a shocking advert which in today’s society would be appropriately put to the sword, along with any individual who endorsed it. But when you become aware that it is an element of a misguided, Z-rated cinematic hopeful, emerging from a decade which is now portrayed as if it has only just emerged from the Stone Age, it becomes laughable. You realise the lengths to which some of these filmmakers, with less natural talent than Ed Wood, descended to in a desperate bid to garner interest from a largely unsuspecting public.

…A band of Reservoir Dog wannabe’s…

After the light-hearted depravity of Sweden Heaven Hell, we move cautiously on to The Doberman Gang. An intriguing title for a film which surprisingly only slightly matches the audacity of the plot; a band of Reservoir Dog wannabe’s, who would be more comfortable taking a supporting role in an episode of Minder, stroll around a cardboard cut-out bank, discussing their plan of action using the pseudonyms of historic bank robbers such as John Dillinger. I know what you are thinking, because I was thinking the same. These sneaky masterminds have the brass to mimic a famous heist. Well you’re wrong. They are going to get dogs to do it. Yes, that’s right, you heard me. The creators of The Doberman Gang thought they would experiment with our patience and the limits of our imagination by thrusting such a ridiculous concept at us with a complete lack of respect for our want for realism and passion for entertainment.

Well I for one have been won over. This immaculately conceived trailer has done the trick as I am now desperate to find out how these snarling four-legged thieves get away with it. I am guessing that they turn on their action shy owners, bite them to death and spend the rest of their days fluttering the cash on an exotic island. It’s the only logical conclusion.

…no taboo subject is left undressed…

These are just a few examples of the truly unbelievable and quirky titles which shocked audiences and took advantage of the lack of VHS censorship when the format emerged. With an original authenticity which Tarantino could only dream of duplicating, Grindhouse Trailer Classics 3 is an eye opening journey into a world of naive exploitation where anything goes and no taboo subject is left undressed.

You owe it to all of your senses to watch Grindhouse Trailer Classics 3.

Featured trailers include:

  • The Female Response
  • Schizoid (aka A Lizard in a Women’s Skin)
  • Terminal Island
  • Black Mama, White Mama
  • It Came Without Warning
  • Swedish Wife Exchange Club
  • Deadly China Doll
  • Nazi Love Camp 27
  • The Lady in a Car with Glasses and a Gun
  • The Rats are Coming! The Werewolves are Here!
  • The Telephone Book

Special Features:

  • Kim Newman’s Guide to Grindhouse
  • Poster Gallery
  • Nucleus Trailer Show List
Grindhouse Trailer Classics Volume 3 is out on DVD on 5 December.


Check out the trailer for The Doberman Gang! It’s so good we thought everyone should see it!



 Images courtesy of The Doberman Gang, Act of Vengeance: The Story of Rape Squad, Sweden Heaven Hell, Black Mama, White Mama and Grindhouse Trailer Classics Volume 3


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